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Lot Flees

lot flees

In our last study, we were in the latter part of Chapter 19 and discussed Chapter 20. We discussed Lots interaction with the angels and his response to their instructions. We talked about Lot’s wife, how her name is not mentioned and her regard for the city as she looked back with favor.

Chapter 19 verse 27 and 28 returns to Abraham and the place where he stood before the Lord looking toward Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham’s prayers for his nephew were reason for Lot’s rescue, a good reminder that prayer is never in vain and not to forget the power that we have through prayer.


Concluding Chapter 19, we see Lot’s daughters who both become pregnant. Moab and Ben-Ammi were born to the daughters and the descendants of both were vile and wicked.


We concluded the study in Chapter 20 and were asked to write out the points that stood out to each of us. Some mentioned were that it was reminiscent of Chapter 12 where Abraham lied about Sarah. Abraham is said to have departed Mamre and travels to Gerar, a philistine town. This was after 20 years and the Bible doesn’t say why he left. This Chapter reminds us that it is possible for a “godly” man to fall into sin, through the strength of temptation and infirmity of the flesh.


Final thoughts: The sin of one often results in the sins of others (Abimelech). Abimelech reproves Sarah for not trusting God’s protection through Abraham (her protector).


Next study we will begin Chapter 21.

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