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The Faith of Abraham

Chapter 22:  Following the covenant between Abraham and Abimelech, God tests Abraham.  In the KJV the word used is “tempt” :  H5254:  nacah  – meaning  to test, try, prove, tempt, assay, put to the proof or test. God is said to try or prove men by adversity, in order to prove their faith.  God calls to Abraham and we see his response:  “Here am I.”  –obedience!


God was asking for Abraham’s spiritual surrender. This was the giving back to Jehovah
the great gift, his son Isaac, which God had granted unto him.

1-2) Go sacrifice.
3) Rose early! To do God’s will!
5) Worship. Abraham calls this worship!
And “we will come back to you”  (cf.Heb 11:17-19).
Three days travel-Isaac carries the wood (aprox. 16-20 years old).
7-8) Isaac-Where is the lamb? Abraham-God will provide for Himself the lamb!
11-14) The Angel of the Lord (Himself,Jehovah v. 11 cf v. 12) does provide.

The several steps of this obedience, all help to magnify it, and to show that he was guided by prudence, and governed by faith, in the whole transaction.

  1. He rises early – Probably the command was given in the visions of the night, and early the next morning he sets himself about it, did not delay, did not show reluctance. Those that do the will of God heartily will do it speedily.
  2. He gets things ready for a sacrifice, and it should seem, with his own hands, cleaves the wood for the burnt – offering.  Sets out to the land of Moriah, again showing Abrahams faith that God would reveal the exact place.
  3. He left his two servants at some distance off, also when Christ was entering upon his agony in the garden, he took only three of his disciples with him.

Isaac’s carrying the wood (vs. 6) was a type of Christ, who carried his own cross, while Abraham, with a steady and undaunted resolution, carried the fatal knife and fire.


Behold the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb?

“Isaac, thou art the lamb which God has provided.’ Isaac appears is as willing as Abraham; we do not find that he raised any objection against it, that he petitioned for his life, that he attempted to make his escape, much less that he struggled with his aged father, or made any resistance: Abraham does it, God will have it done, and Isaac has apparently learned to submit to both thru the teaching of his father and his own relationship with the Lord.

  1. A trying question to Abraham; how could he endure to think that Isaac is himself the lamb?
  2. This is a teaching question to us all, that when we are going to worship God, we should seriously consider whether we have every thing ready, where is the heart? Is that ready to be offered up to God, to ascend to him as a burnt – offering?

What faith and obedience is shown by Abraham.

  1. Christ the great sacrifice of atonement was of God’s providing:when none in heaven or earth could have found a lamb for that burnt – offering, God himself found the ransom.
  2. The broken and contrite spirit is a sacrifice of God.

The best evidence of our fearing God is our being willing to honor him with that which is dearest to us, and to part with all to him, or for him.
We see in these first 13 verses of Chapter 22, significant growth in Abraham’s faith.  We are seeing the “Man of faith.”