Amador Freewill Baptist Family Fellowship Church

Church Mission

Proverbs 29:18 states,“Where there is no vision the people perish.” We believe that there is no greater vision than that of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whose purpose was to glorify God and save mankind from the wrath to come, that man might be reconciled to God.


Therefore, we dream of the following things with the hope of seeing them come to reality:


To Be a Church that Preaches and Teaches the Word of God in it’s Entirety

  • We dream of a church preaching the truth of God and equipping the saints through teaching of the Word.

To Bring Homes and Families Back to the Foundation of God’s Word

  • We dream of a church helping believers mature in the knowledge of God’s Word
  • We dream of a church enabling each member to discover his or her spiritual gift, bringing fulfillment as they serve the Body of Christ.
  • We dream of a church demonstrating Christian love by helping hurting and broken people, lost in a dark and dismal world, find hope in Jesus Christ.

To Bring Unity in The Family by Staying Together During Worship and Teaching

  • We dream of a church helping to build biblical Christian families where dad is the spiritual leader, the mother is a virtuous woman, and where the older men exhort the younger men and the older women teach the younger women.
  • We dream of a church where children love and obey their parents that they may receive the promise of God.

To Be an Impact in Our Community for the Glory of God.

  • We dream of a church meeting the needs of our community, seeking out those who are lost, and sharing the Gospel message that they may believe and be saved.
  • We dream of a church equipped to bring new Christians back to a loving and welcoming place of worship and learning for the glory of God.
  • We dream of a church sending out missionaries throughout the foothills and into the entire world, starting new churches and other ministries.